What I’m doing for the top Google search exposure

After posting a T-story blog, I summarized the methods I am doing for Google’s top exposure, 구글 SEO. There are keyword thinking, ALT tag, description, external link insertion, and Google search console registration.


1. When you write, think of keywords and write

To find out if a keyword is competitive,

When you search for a keyword, you search for how many appear in the search result like Arin and write the keyword.

It’s a keyword search status.
The previously posted content was related to the nuclear notification, so it was captured with the content.


If you write “Netflix Recommended Movie” other than the nuclear bill, you’ll see a lot more numbers

If you write ‘2022 Netflix Recommended Movie’, you can see other number of search results.

Looking at the results, you can choose the one with a relatively small number of search results.


The high number of search results means that you can use the keyword in other recognized blogs

The blog, which lacks competitiveness, chooses to have a small number of search results

You can think of it as choosing a low competition rate.


And if you have any concerns about choosing a keyword,

Since I’m in the position of searching, what should I search for? It would be easier to think of


2. How to tag ALT in the attached picture

The alt tag is a tag that allows users to read pictures with sound by putting in explanations of pictures for the blind who cannot see them, and it is said that they like writing that contains alt tags to create a structure that the blind can understand. Previously, there was a hassle of switching to HTML mode to find and insert code, but now there is an alternative text insertion when you click on a picture and click on the frame shape to the right of the top.

It is an alternative text insertion column to check between the corresponding writing.
You can write what you want to introduce this picture to the text column. At this time, it must be written with relevant content.


3. Description

A description is a summary of two to three lines of text on the screen before a user clicks on the text, which is said to be about 150 characters, including the top spacing.


Therefore, it would be helpful to include keywords while writing the contents of the article in two brackets like a table of contents in the first introduction.


4. Insert External Link


Google’s algorithm is said to judge the content of external links to determine whether the text is delivering actual information. It is good to put 3 to 5 external links related to the blog posting content.


5. Checking URL and manually registering in Google Search Console

It is to manually register the URL after entering the Google Search Console and writing a post.

It is usually collected automatically after a few days, but it is often said that it has not been collected.


So you can press the request for index generation. This may shorten the time to exposure and prevent omission.

I searched several times to write and found that over 200-300 top exposure elements are generally known through SEO (search engine optimization). However, more than 20,000 Google engineers update their algorithms more than 100 times a year to make Google the world’s top search engine, and publicly known SEO elements and publicly unknown elements are still changing.

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